CC show at Vejle Art Mueum

This month the CC show is on display at Vejle Art Museum until 10th of March 2019.
The curator from the museum wanted to show the process of printing alongside the works from the 10 artists.

Test prints on display next to the finished works

A workshop where school children could try printing themselves was facilitated by the museum and a local art foundation.

Workshop for school children at Vejle Art Museum


Opening at KUBEN

Megumi Naitoh and Anna Andersen were both present at the opening of the first Ceramic Commons show in Horsens. It was the first time the two organisers of the project met in real life.

See all the works in the online Gallery

Opening reception at KUBEN in Horsens

The show got a lot of interest from the local community, but also a coupel of chease loving children stoped by just to eat chease and crakkers.

KUBEN by night




Project description

Ceramic Commons is a series of non-profit simultaneous collaborative exhibitions of 3D printed ceramics in venues around the world. The exhibition will promote and celebrate the diversity of practice within ceramic 3D printing, as well as the idea of “commons”.  We would like to highlight one of the exciting aspects of working with digital ceramics – sending ceramic work by e-mail. The files will be shared with exhibition collaborators. The sharing of ideas and knowledge through this methodology will generate dialogue on new ways of working with clay.

The exhibition will contain work from artists working with a ceramic extrusion printer and the expected size for the exhibition will be around 10 pieces.
Ceramic Commons will maintain online presence documenting the 3D printed iterations of the work in the various venues.






Ceramic Commons  – sending ceramic work by Email