CC show at Emmanuel College in Boston

Ceramic Commons’ third Exhibition was held at Gallery 5 at Emmanuel College in Boston from March 11th, 2019 to April 22nd, 2019. All the work was produced on campus by Megumi Naitoh, Professor of Art and her research assistants, Taylor Graboski (class of 2019, Graphic Design major + Ceramics minor), and Haley Kroll (class of 2020, Art Therapy major, Ceramics minor) both proficient in operating Delta 3D printer.  This printer was built by Megumi using the plans and instructions of Jonathan Keep’s Make Your Own 3D Delta Printer for Ceramics in 2014.

Anna Andersen, DK joined the opening of this exhibition via Skype on March 13th at the Gallery 5.

Megumi introducing Anna Andersen
Sanver’s work looks quite different from Ann’s print to Megumi’s print due to the different clay consistency that each printer requires.