How can I participate?

Participation can be through the following:

  1. I am a gallery owner, curator, educator who has access to a venue your exhibition will become part of the online catalogue.
  2. I want to submit work
    (by sending a 3d file to the work should be licenced under cc. See terms below)
  3. I want to print and fire work (you will get access to the selected 3D files with comments from the participating artists)
  4. I want to fund/sponsor this project – Sponsors will be listed in the online catalogue and on the local exhibitions that is sponsored. Arrangements could be made between the artist printing or arranging the exhibitions. See who is participating


Submitting work
  • Files will be tested with a printer before submitting them to the project
  • Files need to be submitted as an STL file type
  • Files will be submitted under creative commons license**
    Hosting and/or printing a show
  • The organiser will need to submit plans for how the work will be printed, encompassing any of the nuances that may occur as a result of this plan
  • The organiser will submit a plan of what will happen to the work after the exhibition*
  • The organiser will submit a proposed venue, duration and time of the exhibition
  • Images of the exhibition will be submitted by the organiser for viewing on the website
  • The exhibition will be arranged on a non-profit basis*** 


    *for example, the work can be donated to colleges, university as the teaching tools, or can be donated for fund raising auction for non-profit organisations, work can be sold to cover cost for the exhibition.

    ** It must be understood that all participants will be working under creative common license, and will be able to interpret the files within the context of the materials and capabilities i.e. equipment available and its capacity. Therefore the work will be iterations of the common or shared file and may have nuanced or varying differences as a result. This should be embraced as part of the creative potential of this process

    ***The project is non-profit. It is up to the local participants to apply for funds to cover costs.