How it works

1. Submitting work


By sending an STL file to:
by 1 of august 2018

You always have the rights to do what you want with your own file, it does not belong to the CC project.


 2. Your file will be shared

Your file will be shared with up to 10 CC collaborators.
They will print it and exhibit it along with the work of the other participants.

  • Dates and venues of the shows will be updated on the homepage.
  • An info letter for each show will be send to all participants including a plan for what happens to the work after the show period.

The files submitted to the project will be translated in to different ceramic expressions. Images of the different results will be shown in the online gallery. This we hope will be a valuable feed back for the file contributors.

3. Printing a show

  • You will receive up to 10 STL files created by artist and designers working with clay extrusion print.
  • You will decide what scale, clay, glaze and firing to use when printing them on your machine.
  • It is part of the projects concept that the work most likely will be different in each exhibition.

We do not expect all file contributor also to print a show.
The number of shows that can be printed is 10

4. Showing public

  • All works must be clearly labelled with name of creator of the file and the person printing it.
  • CC project will provide labels for the shows and a poster
    (self print).
  • You also have to tell us what will happen to the work after the show period
  • send photos of the work, that can be uploaded to the online gallery, to:

The work can be sold to cover cost of exhibiting and printing or donated eg. to a schools or a Fab lab
If you get sponsorship to produce the work and exhibit, the sponsor can have their name and logo on the homepage as well as on the show.

5. Online Gallery

Through the local exhibits and the online gallery we want to show some of the possibilities within 3D printed ceramic.

The online Gallery will show how the same file has gone through the hands and machines of different ceramicists.